Thank you for your interest in Semper Fido, Inc.!  Semper Fido, Inc. provides service members with quality trained service dogs for mild traumatic brain injuries and those with a clinical diagnosis of a psychiatric impairment such as post traumatic stress order. Semper Fido, Inc. does not provide service dogs to individuals who are legally blind, hearing impaired or who have mobility impairment.

To apply for a service dog from Semper Fido, Inc. the following are required:

  1. The applicant must provide proof of an Honorable Discharge (DD214) or Medical Discharge or if still on Active Duty, a Military Verification of Service document;
  2. Provide a letter from their medical or psychiatric physician or therapist indicating that the applicant qualifies and would benefit from the companionship/partnering with a Service Dog; additionally, provide a written prescription (Rx), for “(1) Service Dog for PTSD and/or TBI from their medical or psychiatric physician” (identifies medical necessity of the Service Dog);
  3. Provide (2) personal reference names & addresses, NOT including immediate family members, but rather a close friend, minister, co-worker, etc., to whom Semper Fido, Inc. can send a reference request;
  4. Complete and sign the “Consent to Contact” form;
  5. Complete the “Skills Questionnaire for Service Dog Placement” form;
  6. Complete the “Veterinary Reference” form;
  7. Provide a recent photograph for identification purposes;

Please return the completed application packet to:

Semper Fido, Inc.
131 Kenilworth Road
Marlton, NJ  08053

Our Applicant Review Committee will screen your completed applicant packet to determine if you meet our requirements and place your name on a waiting list. It is not possible to advise how long you may wait for a service dog from Semper Fido, Inc. Our waiting list is not time-based and we do not place dogs based on a “first come, first served” basis. The match of service dog skills and temperament to an individual’s needs and lifestyle is the critical factor in determining who receives the next available service dog.  At such time that we have a dog nearing completion of their training, that best matches your needs, we will contact you to arrange an individualized Team Training Schedule in which you will learn how to handle and work with your new service dog partner. The individual must travel to Marlton, NJ for training and is responsible for his own travel, lodging & meal expenses.  The training process takes approximately six (6) months to complete.