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Helping Veterans One Dog at a Time


As we get ready to graduate our most recent class, we are now reviewing applications and setting up interviews for veterans in need of service dogs for their PTSD or TBI.
It's free of charge to the veteran.

We are a volunteer organization and rely on donations for training, veterinary care and feeding of the dogs throughout their up to 6 months of training.

Please pass along this message to anyone who may be in need of a service dog and, if it's in your heart, please donate to help us help them!

For application information, please CLICK HERE.

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Our tax exempt 501(c)(3) number is: 371-622-915/000.


Congressman Andy Kim Visits Semper Fido

Semper Fido is honored and grateful to Congressman Andy Kim for spending some time this morning to visit our facility and meet our team, along with a few of our veterans and their dogs.  The Congressman sits on the Veteran Affairs Committee and the Armed Services Committee and shares a deep interest in welfare of our veterans.  He spoke with founders, Lisa and Brian Berg, about the mission of Semper Fido, as well as a couple of our veterans who have graduated or are currently training through the program. We also spoke about the impact a Semper Fido service dog has made in their lives.  We are thankful for the opportunity and we look forward to our message being shared to reach out and help more veterans in the future.

SEMPER FIDO, INC. – Helping Veterans One Dog at a Time

Semper Fido is a non-profit organization committed to the rehabilitation of service members and veterans that have been injured while defending our country and have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or traumatic brain injuries (TBI). It has been proven that using dogs for mental, as well as physical rehabilitation, can greatly benefit these warriors recovery. Dogs will be obtained from a number of sources including, but not limited to breeders, rescue groups and shelters.Semper Fido, Inc. is committed to helping in the rehabilitation of these brave warriors while saving unwanted animals from shelters and rescues. Our service dogs are obtained from a number of sources including, but not limited to, rescue groups and shelters. Our organization benefits both parties involved; those who sacrificed themselves for our freedoms, and the dogs that may have had no hope of a forever home.

Each service dog is trained over the course of a 6-9 month program. During these 6-9 months, the service members bonds with the dogs by feeding, walking, playing with and grooming them. The service member is taught to use the commands the dog has learned from professional dog trainers. Upon completion of the program, the team graduates and receives certification as a service dog team. The dog then goes home with the service member.

Veterans often suffering alone, seem to silence themselves because of the stigma still attached to psychological injuries like PTSD. The dog can calm them down and get their minds off of everything going on in their lives by focusing on the dog not themselves.

For warriors with PTSD, it has been documented that a dog helps with emotional regulation. Patients who are very anxious and have anger issues find they can’t work with a dog if they yell. They must have a calm voice. Working with a dog helps build confidence and bridge the gap with strangers. More often than not the response and the bond is immediate.

A veteran with PTSD has sleep disorders and often awakens to find him/herself soaked in sweat from the nightmare of war. With his/her Working Support Dog they are able to sleep. Simply having a dog around allows the warriors to trust the dog to assess the safety of their surroundings, as the dogs have a much keener sensory capacity than people.

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Jimmy Nigro

I met with Brian and Lisa Berg and after starting the program, I noticed a change in myself almost immediately, getting back out into the world with a purpose, even if it was only to train a dog and myself… Now she is a part of me…

Jimmy Nigro

Mike Alcorn

Atlas is a godsend. If I didn’t have this guy in my life, I don’t know where I would be. Semper Fido gave me a best friend and partner to get through my everyday struggles. It really helped turn my life around…

Mike Alcorn

Our tax exempt 501(c)(3) number is: 371-622-915/000

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